Getting Back Into Gear

The past two weeks have been all about restarting my social media machine and writer’s apparatus after the interruption of PortCon. Although the train wasn’t completely derailed like it was after last year’s convention and the one before that, my workload and ongoing projects are more complicated and extensive now than they were then. That made getting back up to my original pace take some time.

Things got off to a rough start right after my return to the day job after my vacation. Between a busy workplace and an import report immediately due, my stress was high. Then over my first post-PortCon weekend, I was unable to utilize a majority of it to write because a good friend came down for a long-overdue visit with my wife and I.

Although losing that time came at the least opportune moment, it was a soul-refreshing event for us all and I’m glad it happened. We fed her a splendid meal, and enjoyed a double feature of films I’d been saving for the occasion. The first was Mary and the Witch’s Flower:

Mary is a fun romp and enjoyable enough, but then we watched Your Name:

Your Name is an incredible film. I was amazed at its masterful storytelling and visuals, and I’ll hold it up as a top-level example of how a great tale goes about getting you emotionally invested in the fate of its characters. I absolutely recommend it!

My friend, a beta reader of mine, has also said that I am her favorite author… and I believe that makes her an emotional cheerleader any writer would want in their corner. :-) Furthermore, she casually hinted on her visit that I need to finish my novel, Vivian’s Last Cigarette, or she’ll go full “Annie Wilkes” on me. ;-)

I got enough work done after she left on Sunday to keep the social media train going another week and through the Independence Day holiday — Although combined with another stressful stretch at the day job, it was much more like an frantic engineer laying down the tracks ahead of their running locomotive than anything calm and measured.

Finally, I made it to this past weekend, where with a lot of work I got my author social medial stuff firing on all cylinders again.

It feels good to be back to where I was before the convention. And with the majority of the next four weeks now plotted and on auto-pilot, I may fully return to writing fiction.

A high point of wrapping up the “getting back into gear” cycle that I’ve just been through was definitely Monday night. It was then that I pulled my Twitter and Instagram superhero serial #Night_Wings out of hiatus by typing up its first weeks’ worth of installments since the beginning of June. It was a small thing — only a few hours of work — but it felt so good to get that little story rolling again. It even has a few loyal followers who’ve been anxiously awaiting its return. :-)

Now I’m back to my normal weeknight grind of writing on little projects in the evenings, or working on small chunks of bigger ones. But my real excitement is for this upcoming weekend and those that will follow, because for now… I have my weekends blocked-off for uninterrupted time to write. :-)

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott.

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