Aether Prompt Winner: Scribe of the Vault

The Scribe of the Vault of Orendathos won the February 27th Aether Prompt, becoming a three-peat winner with a piece that is mysterious, perhaps ominous, and humorously neurotic:


Spring was his favorite season. It brought color back to his dreary den. Long ago, after a magical sleep, he’d grown too large to leave. His only visitors were the flowers that flourished in the gift of his breath.

Brimstone and sulfur. It chased away every beast and crawling thing, before he could ask for help.

Thank gods for flowers. They danced to be with him. All through the season. Friends that could never leave.

The gravel ground underneath his twisting head.

“Or am I keeping them trapped. They aren’t trying to run, when they lean away… are they?”


Congratulations! Now you’re in the running for the 2019 AETHEREAL ENGINEER WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE! How might he, or possibly you, perchance win such fabled treasure as this? Take a look at my weekly Aether Prompts and find out!

~Jason H. Abbott

One thought on “Aether Prompt Winner: Scribe of the Vault

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  1. Thanks os much! Loved this piece of art. It was evocative and open at the same time. Like the cave it made me imagine, where dark but great things might and apparently did lie in wait… Great of course being a relative term lol. I can’t wait to clash again with the talent of the writer space.

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