Last Weekend Deadline

Angel has been a difficult “book baby” to get ready, mostly because it’s our first and we’re learning so much about professional publishing from the challenges it keeps throwing at us. But despite all that, we should still meet our deadline and have it beginning to appear on marketplaces this upcoming weekend! :-)

Kim spent this past weekend getting most of the print version of Angel ready. It’s just a short novelette and therefore a thin little paperback novelty, but it looks awesome. And for $4.99, it might do well on my table at events and shows when other authors are selling books for $20 or $25. Online though, I’ve got no doubts that the eBook will be the version dominating the title’s sales, because it’ll be two bucks cheaper and instantly available with no shipping fee.

On my end, I spent Saturday carefully picking and compiling the metadata (like categories and keywords) that Angel will have in its code to help it be highly discoverable. Then I spent all of Sunday writing its headline description, full description, and (sigh) short description all the while trying to maximize each to be as effective as possible.

Writing one blurb for your own book is hard. This was like writing five, each different, and all in one day.

There was also an author bio, dedications, credits and other stuff written, but I got it all done. And I may even dare to think that I got it done, well. Kim coded it all in on Monday.

There’s still finishing details and a couple quality tests to preform, but we’re taking Friday off from the day jobs so we have a long weekend to get it all done.

Then it’s on to the next story, Harvest! We hope to have that one out a week or two after Angel, and we’re confident that’s a realistic timeframe now that we’ve got a publishing process to follow. Kate’s already working on a cover for it that we’re all excited about. ;-)

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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    1. Thank you! We did get it uploaded on Sunday! It’s still being checked for printing, but the online eBook has been sent to retailers like Amazon… having it appear on their websites takes a while, though, as that’s run by them.

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