Fresh Approaches to Old Problems

December 23rd, 2020: It’s been a week of putting things in order and trying fresh approaches to old problems. In coordination with my wife, I’ve rearranged the household schedule to accommodate my writing with fewer distractions. Primarily this involves clearing weekdays for heavy drafting and editing by transforming our weekends into shared days for chores... Continue Reading →

Shifting Gears

December 16th, 2020: This week didn’t beat me down or come with negative surprises, and that’s a welcome gift after the last few. The calm allowed a return to shifting my writing gears towards finishing and publishing novels and novelettes in the coming year. In support of that goal, I made a major decision over... Continue Reading →

Watch Out For That…

December 9th, 2020: It was a weird week with stretches that were fairly nerve-wracking. Things started with an ear infection that pained me for several days. Then I was notified via snail mail that new funding had become available for pandemic unemployment. While that’s a great thing, the government keeps changing its story almost daily:... Continue Reading →

2021 Goals

December 2nd, 2020: My wife and I had a good socially distanced Thanksgiving, and fun with our Marvel movie marathon. I was rested and wanted to put in some writing after that, but a chain of unrelated problems and annoyances that required my attention and time started over the weekend. Nothing huge and terrifying, and... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Annex

November 18th, 2020: I got The Forever Halloween to a completed sixth draft Thursday night, finishing it at almost 10,400 words. This became a seventh draft after my wife’s proofread and a sweep with an editing tool on Monday. I sent copies out thereafter to a handful of people that were interested in reading it,... Continue Reading →

October 15th to 21st: Adventure Seed Time

October 21st, 2020: I finally got the draft done for the Arium Kickstarter commission on Sunday. Working to craft five short adventure seeds was a much bigger challenge than I thought it would be when I signed on to do them back in August. Being assigned the peculiar writing theme of “Gonzo” for open-ended role-playing... Continue Reading →

October 8th to 14th: The Grief Wound

October 14th, 2020: A lot of the past week was spent working through the loss of my friend that happened last Sunday. Wednesday I felt emotionally clear enough to write about our friendship and posted it as a eulogy on Facebook. It reached a lot of mutual friends that didn’t know he’d passed, and some... Continue Reading →

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