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Tales From The Book Dragon

5 Flames (Each)

Hello again, my Wonderful Whimsical Wyverns..today I bring you two small Gems of great power. Both able to fit into One’s palm, the color of a ripe pumpkin, not unlike Amber. These little Gems are a great delight for they are something one rarely sees anymore, unfortunately…stand alone short stories. Lovely. And the stories within are perfect for an Autumn night this time of year.

The Gem Cutter is a young man named Jason H. Abbott, remember that name, I have a feeling we shall be hearing more from him. He has tumbled and polished these little Gems to a high gloss. The first, Angel, is subtitled: A Short Story of the Un-dead. Melissa is the new girl in town and wants to make friends. Emily is a pretty blond cheer leader with a boyfriend named Roy. She is going to help Melissa by taking her to…

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The Fifth Monday Four: Ounta – Part One

My latest short story, a tale of primitive fantasy and action, is now up on Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press

Jason Abbott

Aen crouched in the brush, surveying the path that curved between massive redwood trunks and lesser conifers. The young hunter, no longer a child but still absent a beard, concealed himself beside a rotten and shattered pine. Having been there since dawn, dusk now deepened the shadows that filtered down from the towering forest canopy above.

Green eyes still focused on the path, Aen’s finger touched the knapped flint head of his best throwing spear. He left the weapon on the ground beside his knee to glance at the ash wood shaft of his second javelin. It leaned upright against the stump, beside a stout fighting spear.

Aen heard a shift in the birdsongs around him, and turned a keen ear to listen as the calls fell silent one-by-one. His gaze returning to path and forest, the growing hush was interrupted by a chittering treetop squirrel. He saw…

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A Thank You to Over 400 Followers!

Last night I noticed that the number of followers on Aethereal Engineer had surpassed four hundred! To all of you that read, like and comment… I want to convey my gratitude and thanks… You’re awesome! Maintaining an active blog is a lot of work. Particularly for a slow author trying to write short stories and... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Mash-Ups!

Today I’m at the first day of PortCon and the blog is largely on autopilot. However, as yesterday was a little thin on content, I thought I would share a fun little thing I did recently. On a whim last week, I placed a challenge on Reddit saying that if someone posted a reply with... Continue Reading →

Convention Time!

I’ve been writing like a MADMAN this past week trying to get everything ready to knock some socks off at PortCon 2016 with some awesome RPGs and game mastering! It all starts tomorrow, and I’ve still got things to finish! So no work-in-progress check-in this week… Because I’m too busy working on said works in... Continue Reading →

A Mischievous Fox

Just a photo of a fox that I found. I love the character of the expression! This picture was added to the folder I keep for the character of Robin in my Exerverse stories... She's first introduced in Oo-De-Lally which is still a work in progress at this time.

WIP-it Wednesday: October 21st, 2015

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read! The peak of Autumn ended for me over the weekend with a cold rush of wind and felled leaves. However, it also feels as if a threshold was crossed with the ongoing work within the house. Things have come together... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Told Me “Thoughts Are Winged.”

Larkspur Horne wrote this beautiful poem and my soul nodded in agreement. It was the perfect way to start this Friday and end an amazing week for me: inspired!

The Larkspur Horne

Shakespeare told me, “Thoughts are winged.” I do vanish into the clouds rather quickly. My thoughts and dreams are a running winged machine; my feet are never truly on the ground. You’ll probably never have my full attention, and for that I am sorry. But I am what I am. I was born a dreamer. I was touched with the bizarre and washed in the unnatural. I need but witness a simply act of color to weave a tale of fantasy and adventure inside my head. I live an internal fairy tale. I hop planets like stones across a river. I’ll take flight through lightning, sail love songs like fingers along acoustic strings. Ask me for a story I’ll give you seventeen, tell me a story, and I shall fall into them forever, all the while composing enchantment endlessly. And, when I am still, quiet, and complacent, know that I’m…

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