Short Story: The Boy in the Jar

The boy awoke with a start, and the curved glass of the cylinder distorted the face of the girl pounding upon it. His confused eyes met hers peering through translucent green fluid. Feeling the shock of her fist hitting the container, he watched her scream. But the girl’s words were rendered incomprehensible by the liquid... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Old Friend

Almost a week ago, I had to say goodbye to one of the best cats ever, Nomti.Longtime followers of the blog will remember this old cat getting mentioned now and again. He was a tough but loving kitty, often blunt and graceless, but also very genuine and sincere in his affections. He made a habit... Continue Reading →

A Coat Around the Shoulders

On Monday my close friend Jessica, who I have mentioned here before as half of my “alpha reader” duo, lost her mother to a sudden and completely unexpected death. She was so shaken by the chaos of the unfolding event that I drove the hour long trip to her family home with her as a... Continue Reading →

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