Art-Tastic Tuesday: 7890m, by Park Pyeongjun

Click the picture below for full-size. On Art-Tastic Tuesdays I feature a selected piece of visual art that I have come across. These are pieces that have inspired my writing or beautifully frame some concept or another that I have already written or want to write about. I present them without commentary so they may... Continue Reading →


Art-Tastic… Friday? : Year of the Goat by Damon Hellandbrand

Click here for the full, uncropped image! Usually I do this on Tuesdays, but this week I'm giving you a bonus as part of the release of my story Adraxis Alas Asmon, free to read on Aethereal Engines! I came across this piece of art by chance while I writing Adraxis Alas Asmon. It was... Continue Reading →

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