Throwback Thursday: Dechara’s Tree, by Larry Elmore (1990)

When Dechara's Tree graced the November 1990 cover of Dragon Magazine #163, it didn’t make an immediate impact on me. It is, of course, a piece done by legendary fantasy artist Larry Elmore and shows his mastery of skill. Yet, it’s not a showy painting of epic fantasy, and I think for that reason it... Continue Reading →


Throwback Thursday: ‘Shadowrun 1st Edition Cover’ by Larry Elmore (1989)

The Shadowrun role-playing game introduced a generation of gamers to urban fantasy and cyberpunk and has remained very popular ever since its release 1989. As a property and franchise, it has survived the death of several of its publishers and expanded into novels, video games and much more. And who was the artist chosen to... Continue Reading →

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