Flash Fiction: Under the Stars

Aethereal musings, everyday.



She awakened with a gasp, cold, wet and naked. Scrambling to stand in the shower stall, she tripped over the woman’s corpse strangled at her feet. Sprayed by water long since drained of warmth, a melancholy face —empty of life— was the only witness to her christening. A scream and the sound of shattering glass... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Boy in the Jar

The boy awoke with a start, and the curved glass of the cylinder distorted the face of the girl pounding upon it. His confused eyes met hers peering through translucent green fluid. Feeling the shock of her fist hitting the container, he watched her scream. But the girl’s words were rendered incomprehensible by the liquid... Continue Reading →

Fifty Word Fantasy: Lover’s Gift

She sighed on the bed. “Now I’m cursed?” Lucien massaged her naked back. “You’ll be able to change in a month… and it’s not a curse.” “Gifted,” Adeline grinned contentedly. “Anyways, that was far better than a bite! I’m amazed lycanthropy’s an STD.” “It’s not a disease, either,” he smiled. Text is Copyright © 2017... Continue Reading →

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