Cretaceous Queen, Chapter Two: Urruatta

Chapter Two: Urruatta There was a split-second breach into lightless, extradimensional space. The brief shift to weightless non-direction was like a rollercoaster dip before the pair materialized a foot above the Lee Building’s roof. Gravity reasserted its caress, and they dropped down from the cloud of purple gas that enveloped them. Katie maintained her balance,... Continue Reading →

WIP-it Wednesday: August 2nd, 2017

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read! After three weekends of writing, I finished a first draft of Cretaceous Queen on Sunday afternoon. :-) It totals 9,300 words currently, taking it beyond the realm of a short story to become a lean novelette. I’m happy with this,... Continue Reading →

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