Cretaceous Queen, Chapter Four: Countdown

Chapter Four: Countdown “Hey! Are you alright?!” Kurtzberg coughed while she waved away purple gas. Phantom opened his eyes lying face down on the bridge. He pulled himself to one knee, held his gut, and groaned. He and the trio he’d saved were now hundreds of yards from the bus, out of harm’s way near... Continue Reading →


Cretaceous Queen, Chapter Two: Urruatta

Chapter Two: Urruatta There was a split-second breach into lightless, extradimensional space. The brief shift to weightless non-direction was like a rollercoaster dip before the pair materialized a foot above the Lee Building’s roof. Gravity reasserted its caress, and they dropped down from the cloud of purple gas that enveloped them. Katie maintained her balance,... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Feature: Aesthetic Motif

“I had to pull three straight all-nighters to get her ready,” Kim said to Lisa. “But with the salvaged motivators, I’ve got a scratch built unit of my very own for the Gunbuster Irregular Tourney!” Lisa followed her across the noisy repair bay floor, careful not to touch Kim or her service overalls that were... Continue Reading →

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