She awakened with a gasp, cold, wet and naked. Scrambling to stand in the shower stall, she tripped over the woman’s corpse strangled at her feet. Sprayed by water long since drained of warmth, a melancholy face —empty of life— was the only witness to her christening. A scream and the sound of shattering glass... Continue Reading →


Short Story: Ounta

Aen crouched in the brush, surveying the path that curved between massive redwood trunks and lesser conifers. The young hunter, no longer a child but still absent a beard, concealed himself beside a rotten and shattered pine. Having been there since dawn, dusk now deepened the shadows that filtered down from the towering forest canopy... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Boy in the Jar

The boy awoke with a start, and the curved glass of the cylinder distorted the face of the girl pounding upon it. His confused eyes met hers peering through translucent green fluid. Feeling the shock of her fist hitting the container, he watched her scream. But the girl’s words were rendered incomprehensible by the liquid... Continue Reading →

‘Crossing’… Flash Fiction by Jason H. Abbott

Bluebell smiled, gazing at the bridge’s fluorescent lighting. “It’s wondrous!” “It’s new,” the old man holding her hand said. “I hope that’s okay.” The girl looked to him, nodding under her short blue hair. “That doesn’t matter. It just needs to cross running water.” Kenneth’s eyes were tired, but happy. “So, how does–” The young... Continue Reading →

Aniyah, a Short Story by Jason H. Abbott

Aniyah got down on her knees and looked into the square hole that served as the shack’s entrance. It wasn’t dissimilar to peering inside a doghouse, and moments later she shook her head noticing several doghouses actually were cobbled together as parts of the hovel. “Yo, Phil. Thanks for savin’ my ass ‘n all with... Continue Reading →

Mid-Week Muses: “Our Cycle’s Done”

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter! Inside, the Kohl's was dark, stale and untouched by looting. Wandering past racks of clothes never to be worn, she grabbed a coat. #1LineWed He tried to pet the ghost cat, but his hand passed right through... Continue Reading →

Mid-Week Muses: “The Kid was a Were-Elephant”

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter! "Strategic A.I. networked to an army of unquestioning drone bombers. Yes, this is peace in our time... the peace of the grave." #1lineWed Jane's arm spasmed, ripping loose from her shoulder. Thrashing, it snapped a lamprey's mouth... Continue Reading →

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