Origin: Stories of Creativity #2 – Author Jason H. Abbott

Last Saturday, I was interviewed for a writing podcast that blogger and author Bryan Aiello is trying to launch as a series. Bryan has posted these on YouTube for any to enjoy, so if you’re interested in listening in to the great conversation we had you can check it out above! In it he asks me a lot of questions about my background and creative process, and we manage to walk a funny path at times that ranged from Tolkien to McMuffins

5 thoughts on “Origin: Stories of Creativity #2 – Author Jason H. Abbott

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  1. Great interview and discussion. I didn’t know you’re from Maine, Jason. (I miss the east coast sometimes and have lots of great memories from up your way). It was fun listening to another fantasy writer talk shop about process, world-building and story telling. I kept wanting to join in! Ha ha. I got about 1/2 way through and will need to come back to finish. Great job.

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