Art-Tastic Tuesday: Glorfindel, by Alberto Dal Lago

Click the picture below for full-size. On Art-Tastic Tuesdays I feature a selected piece of visual art that I have come across. These are pieces that have inspired my writing or beautifully frame some concept or another that I have already written or want to write about. I present them without commentary so they may inspire you without the burden of my perspective, and pictures have links to the artists’ blog or website if at all possible.

If you are ever curious as to why a particular piece is special to me, or use it for a writing prompt and want to share, please drop a comment!

Glorfindel, by Alberto Dal Lago. Click here for more of the artist’s work!

5 thoughts on “Art-Tastic Tuesday: Glorfindel, by Alberto Dal Lago

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    1. Tolkien set the bar pretty high for impossibly perfect elves… then came Peter Jackson. ;-) But he did cut Glorfindel from the movie version, so there’s that.

      In my Burusian tales, I’ve taken the elves down several pegs. I’m not sure of their earwax habits, however. ;-)

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  1. hello aethereal engineer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay glorfindel!!! my dada sez glorfindel kicks butt!!! he also sez that glorfindel is menshund in his fayvrit seen frum the faymus dokyoomentry the martian chek it owt!!! ok bye

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