Graham Plowman – The Colour Out of Space

I discovered Graham Plowman‘s absolutely fantastic and haunting music inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft looking for resources and material for short short story I’m currently writing that also is based off Lovecraft’s ideas. After hearing only a few tracks, I knew that I had to download all three of his albums. They have proven to be a major asset as my writing soundtrack for the new story, and I’m thrilled to share this particular selection with you today!

Plowman has an impressive understanding of the thematics of Lovecraft’s stories, crafting musical scores that fit them so well… I would dearly love to hear them accompany film versions of H.P.’s stories. These are soundtracks awaiting movies to be worthy of them.

One thought on “Graham Plowman – The Colour Out of Space

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  1. hello aethereal engineer its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez this kolor owt of spayse thing is wun of his fayvrit hp luvkraft storeez i figgerd it must be on akkownt of the kolor owt of spayse wuz orandj but he sez it is just a verry kreepy storry!!! i am not shoor i beeleev him abowt the not beeing orandj thing tho!!! ok bye


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