The Hero Long Lake Needs

“Reeda, you’re the kick-ass grandma I never had, but this is a misunderstanding. I’m no heroic amphibian, I’m just a guy that got cursed by a witch!”

The old toad poked him with her staff. “Nonsense, Lad! You’re the biggest, beefiest bullfrog I’ve ever seen! I’ve trained a dozen heroes, and you’re the champion Long Lake needs!”

“Alright, Fine! I’m a big bullfrog now. But fighting a fire-breathing turtle is Mario and Luigi’s gig, I’m not even a plumber!”

“A kiss,” Reeda said. “If you save Long Lake, I’m sure a kiss would be the least Greensong the Frog Queen could reward you with!”

Frog queen?” he squinted. “Doesn’t lifting a curse like this usually involve a human princess?”

She shrugged. “Bill, this is New Jersey! Royal kisses for bullfrogs are hard to come by. And if it doesn’t work… well, she is single and looking.”


Text is Copyright © 2018 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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