Curiosity and Catnip: Flash Fiction by Jason H. Abbott

Annette sauntered into the kitchen as Jinx shamelessly ate whipped cream standing naked beside the open refrigerator.

The cat eyed him. “Hey! What did I tell you about that?”

Taking the E-Z Whip aerosol can nib out of his mouth, the scruffy young man looked down at her. “Oh. Sorry. I’m hogging all the humanity.”

He shifted from human to half-cat, and Annette grew and changed simultaneously until they were both feline humanoids.

This curse is weird,” Jinx said. “But see? We can share, fifty-fifty!”

“Uh-huh,” the calico cat girl nodded. “Nice boyfriends also share the E-Z Whip.”

She stuck out her tongue in a playful taunt, and Jinx surprised her by putting a dab of whipped cream upon it.

Oh, Gwad!” she half laughed, lapping the cream. “I can’t believe you!”

He pulled the can away. “Did I mess-up again? Sorry, going from cat to man, and back — and in-between — all the time — it’s a lot to learn…”

“No Jinx,” she said slipping her arms around him. “It’s sweet. You’re sweet. That book might call this a curse, but I haven’t had this much fun in forever.”

“More fun than… what is it they make you do? Accounting?

Annette traced a heart on the white spot of his tuxedo pattern. “Yeah. And this whole sharing being human between the two of us will need to be our secret, alright? People will loose their minds if they find out magic is real.”

“I won’t tell a soul, and I don’t even know any other humans besides you, anyways.”

“Well, don’t tell any other cats, okay?”

“Jeeze, like they’d even care or could tell anybody if they could!” he grinned.

She poked his pink nose. “It’s the principle of it, tuna breath!”

“Okay, you’ve got my word.”

“And I’ll need to be the human on weekdays for work.”

He pulled her warmth closer to him as the embrace renewed. “If I’m going to be stuck in here all day as a cat, I demand couch and cable TV privileges!”

She rested her chin of the black fur of his shoulder. “Boy, do you drive a hard bargain. Granted!”

Jinx savored the nuzzle she gave him while his eyes pondered. “Did— did you call me your boyfriend a minute ago?”

Annette nodded pressed against him.

“I, like this… but I thought you said what happened last night was just our — um — curiosity and the catnip taking over?”

“Maybe it was,” she replied with a purr. “But this isn’t.”



“Cat”. Artist and Source Unknown.

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