Madame Raven Reads “The Boy in the Jar”, by Jason H. Abbott

A few weeks ago, the lovely Madame Raven discovered my steampunk / gaslamp fantasy story “The Boy in the Jar“, and I was both surprised and touched when she contacted me asking my permission to do a reading of it on her YouTube channel. Embedded above is a link to the video, and I think she did a wonderful job. :-) If you have twelve minutes to spare for some mystery and suspense, you might enjoy giving the Madame’s reading a listen!

I suspect that it’s a great feeling for any author to see someone take up and retell one of their stories on and of their own initiative… It certainly was for me. To have my stories take root in another and come back to me full circle is to see them truly possessed of their own life beyond the bounds of my imagination. I think achieving such an end is one of the highest goals of the storyteller. And it’s magic. :-)

Enjoy, and many thanks to Madame Raven for lending her voice to my story!

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