Fifty Word Fantasy: Besties

“Sammy, you froze the parking lot in July!” Aggie squealed skidding to a stop on icy pavement. “You’re a winter witch! We’re witch-besties!

“H-how?” the teen protested. “I can’t cast spells!”

Aggie hugged her with youthful joy. “Magic can be a spark! Befriend a witch, and you might become one!”



Teen witch, by GusDraws. Click here for more of the artist’s work!


Text is Copyright © 2018 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Fifty Word Fantasy: Besties

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    1. Thanks, I think so too. ;-)

      One thing I love about doing my microfiction is all the character and story seeds they inspire in me. These two were in an earlier 50 Word Fantasy (“Friend”), and I’d like to write a full piece featuring them sometime.

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