“You have a power.”


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    1. I’ve written about Asil and Clair in a number of my microfictions. They’re low powered superheroes and I’ve been detailing some of their adventures between when they meet as kids up into their late teens so far.

      Asil has the power of telekinesis. She’s also missing an arm, and uses her power to make replacement ones fit for crimefighting.

      Initially, these limbs are made of Legos and she thinks her power can only manipulate plastic. But as she gets older she learns that she can manipulate anything.


      1. Just in my Microfiction, for now. I’d like to do something longer with them later.

        I’m pretty much building a superhero universe over time that I’d love to write as actual comics some day.


      2. Cool! At least you already know sone things about your characters and their world. That’s already a good headstart I think. I never have the patience to build the backstory and do the worldbuilding so that sometimes puts me at a disadvantage.

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