Flash Fiction: The Shop

“What happened to the shop?”

I look to the shuttered storefront. “The owner died last week, Kido.”

The little boy in a man’s coat panicked. “No, I need him! The pills were too strong!”

He ran before I could ask more. Pushing my cart later, I found his coat beneath an overpass. The baby within it was fine.




Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Shop

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  1. Spooky – When the first line of this bit flashed up on my “notifier” (don’t know what it’s called and it annoyingly keeps interfering with my work to inform me I have had another Spam advert – present company excepted) I thought you had been to my shop as presently it is boarded up where some enterprising children put through my 100 year old plate glass window.
    If I was optimistic I would assume they were looking to steal books, to read. New, plastic, windows and doors to be fitted this week.

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