The Aether Prompt: January 9th, 2019

Writers! Rev up your aethereal engines of imagination, and use the image above as a prompt to create a microfiction of one hundred words or less!

Anything that fits under the umbrella of speculative fiction — science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural fiction and more — is welcome to be shared as a comment to this post. I will select my favorite very short story from those submitted… and turn your words into a fully polished and credited presentation (in the style of my Aethereal Musings) to be featured on an upcoming Thursday on the blog!


If your piece is selected to be featured, you will be in the running to win the 2019 AETHEREAL ENGINEER WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE!

This mysterious box will be packed with all sorts of wonderful goodies catering to your authorly needs, all hand selected by yours truly! At a total estimated value of at least $100, you could brag about receiving one of the highest per-word payouts for any submission, anywhere!

How might you win such a fantabulous treasure?

The featured Thursday posts for Aether Prompt winners (not the initial Wednesday prompts) will receive a score. Each “Like” on a post will grant one point to the author’s score, and each unique WordPress reblog will grant three points. The author of the piece with the most points by December 1st, 2019… WINS!

I reserve the full and unquestioned right to break any ties, disqualify entries if shenanigans are suspected, and declare a winner with absolute and final authority. If you win, I will require your physical address to ship your prize to you (with standard shipping included free of charge).

So what are you waiting for? Write to get your creative engines going today! Write for the glory! Write for a chance to win a fantabulous prize!

But whatever you do, just keep writing. :-)

Take care everyone, I look forward to your creations!

~Jason H. Abbott

10 thoughts on “The Aether Prompt: January 9th, 2019

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  1. The terrain was barren all around Sranath who was under shock after her first walk into a portal.
    “Gornaak, see this? I never would have thought the necromancers could have hidden such a place. What’s that huge thing on the sky, though?” she asked pointing at the planet she came from. It seemed so close she could almost touch it.
    Sranath turned around and found nobody.
    “Gornaak? Gornaak!”
    Her shouting formed echoes in the empty land, but went unheard. She was alone.
    “Dammit, it was all a trap!”

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  2. Aisha opened her eyes to find herself laying on a jagged rock. Her memory began to come to her with flickering pictures, like an old flip book. Aisha and her crew flying through deep space, then like a tug-of-war the ship began entering into an unknown world. Blinking hard Aisha shakes her head of the memory, getting to her feet she looks around to find herself surrounded by rocky mountains with no vegetation in sight, stretching out for miles in all directions. With no ship detected, and her computer tracker broken Aisha sets out into a new world.

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    1. Congratulations, Read This, you’re the winner of the January 9th Aether Prompt!

      Your imagery on Aisha’s memory returning like a flip-book was a strong hook, and you setup the situation moving forward with her being seemingly shipwrecked with an effective and brief exposition that gets things moving immediately. This would be a good opener to a longer story, good job!

      Your winning entry will get a featured post on Thursday, February 7th, and that also puts you in the running for the WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE being given out in December! Wowsers! I’ll put a link to your blog in the post, but do you have a preferred name to go by other than “Read This”?


  3. “Those bastards,” growled Asher, stomping his away from his initial crash site to take in the wasteland that lay before him. Asher was a space pirate and a damn good one too. Or at least he thought he was until this mess. It all started with trying to steal what was supposed to be a simple power core on Planet Gibeon. How was he supposed to know that the power core had been the only thing keeping the planet alive? Personally, Asher was willing to make some sacrifices in order to earn a great paycheck. Too bad his crew disagreed.

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    1. Jonah opened his eyes from pure blackness. He jolted awake, looking around a small interior that he had built.
      His time machine.
      “Yes!” he yelled, leaping from his chair. The time travel process had rendered him unconscious, but he was in the future!
      Smelling smoke, he looked behind him.
      “Augh!” he screamed again, leaping towards his engine. Broken. Gone. He would not be returning to his century again.

      “I’m here anyway,” he mused to himself walking out the door. He looked up, expecting to see skyscrapers and flying cars.
      He saw an empty landscape, an alien sky, unfertile Earth.


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