The Aether Prompt: January 30th, 2019

Writers! Rev up your aethereal engines of imagination, and use the image above as a prompt to create a microfiction of one hundred words or less!

Anything that fits under the umbrella of speculative fiction — science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural fiction and more — is welcome to be shared as a comment to this post. I will select my favorite very short story from those submitted… and turn your words into a fully polished and credited presentation (in the style of my Aethereal Musings) to be featured on an upcoming Thursday on the blog!


If your piece is selected to be featured, you will be in the running to win the 2019 AETHEREAL ENGINEER WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE!

This mysterious box will be packed with all sorts of wonderful goodies catering to your authorly needs, all hand selected by yours truly! At a total estimated value of at least $100, you could brag about receiving one of the highest per-word payouts for any submission, anywhere!

How might you win such a fantabulous treasure?

The featured Thursday posts for Aether Prompt winners (not the initial Wednesday prompts) will receive a score. Each “Like” on a post will grant one point to the author’s score, and each unique WordPress reblog will grant three points. The author of the piece with the most points by December 1st, 2019… WINS!

I reserve the full and unquestioned right to break any ties, disqualify entries if shenanigans are suspected, and declare a winner with absolute and final authority. If you win, I will require your physical address to ship your prize to you (with standard shipping included free of charge).

So what are you waiting for? Write to get your creative engines going today! Write for the glory! Write for a chance to win a fantabulous prize!

But whatever you do, just keep writing. :-)

Take care everyone, I look forward to your creations!

~Jason H. Abbott

12 thoughts on “The Aether Prompt: January 30th, 2019

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  1. From the window of the rear car, I squinted at the brightness of a departing pulsar. It had had its ticket punched by the dapperly dressed black hole and had laughed coquettishly at what might have been a joke. Something only the brightest light and darkest dark could know.

    I found myself getting jealous of the tear in space, empty as it was. I asked what he’d said. Thought I’d learn his tricks.

    “Don’t worry kid,” the hole said. “Everyone eventually falls into being me.”

    I found it easier to accept my place at the edge of the universe.

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    1. Great work Scribe, you’re really talented and I’m loving your contributions to the prompts! Yet again, you came in a very close second on this one. I love the philosophical bend and humor on this one, it’s a good piece. It just didn’t quite feel like a tight fit to the prompt art, and that allowed the eventual winner to inch a nose ahead of you.

      However, hang in there, because you’ll be getting your spotlight real soon with writing of your caliber. ;-)

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  2. You board the midnight train. You know not where it is going, only that you too, must go.

    The train is brimming to full. You are surprised to find there are no elderly among them. These are youthful bodies, their faces uncreased by wisdom.

    You look down at yourself and are surprised to see the hands of your youth. No swollen joints, no scars, no pain. No one coughs. No one sneezes. Where you are going, they only take the young and the healthy.

    The light comes quickly. The journey before was long and hard, but now, you are home.

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  3. “What’s with the sparks? Are we on fire?” The voice coming from behind spoke panic.
    “Are you calling me an incompetent train driver? I’m the best you’ll find in all quantum universes!”
    “But the sparks, the shakes, what’s going on?”
    “I take it’s your first ride with Space&Time Railway Company. The first time travel experience can be scary, I know, I’ve been there too.”
    “Time travel? No, no, it’s impossible. I didn’t sign up for this, there must be a mistake.”
    “Chill down, kid. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride!”
    “No, no, no…”

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  4. Kraden gasped, his hands digging into metal with a death grip, his struggle with the old 73 not coming to an end. He grit his teeth as he heard young screams behind him, and he desperately pulled levers in his engineer cockpit.

    The train thankfully came to a stop in the folds of time and space, red flashes appearing and disappearing in deep black.
    “Kraden?” a voice said. He turned to his young sister who held a brown teddy bear, obviously terrified.
    “Don’t worry Lil’,” Kraden said with forced confidence. “I’ll figure out how to work Dads Aether Nav soon.”

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    1. Congratulations, M. A. Scrawl, you’re the winner of the January 30th Aether Prompt!

      I liked your mix of well-written elements that played to a steampunk, science-fantasy feel without getting too genre-grainy. You setup a cool hook, and the characters sounded authentic and left me wanting to know more. Great work!

      Your winning entry will get a featured post on Thursday, February 28th, and that also puts you in the running for the WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE being given out in December! Wowsers! Do you have a preferred full name you go by as an author, or a WordPress or other online presence you’d like the post to point to?


      1. I’d rather you use my name, M. A. Scrawl. And no, I don’t have any other online presence I’d like the post to point to. I do have a facebook page, but my WordPress page is better.


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