Flash Fiction: Schism

I grab my phone and swipe. I need to check… anything.

It’s dead and broken.

I saw it come ashore. A mountain. A storm.

A… thing.

I don’t know.

I shouldn’t have looked.

I hear cries like trumpets: Its star-spawned children, coming closer.

They claw the door.

I check my phone…




Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Schism

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  1. Woah! Love lovecraftian vibes. And the morbid note that the phone is an inane distraction- even in eldritch horror- is great! I imagine hp would have all sorts of use for that device to the minds of other scribes under the firmament.

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    1. One thing that I frequently like to do with my Cthulhu Mythos shorts is put them in a contemporary setting, but keep the same “feel” Lovecraft cultivated. I think it says something that the fundamentals of his ideas still work even though our world has changed a lot since he wrote them.

      It’s also a nice break: Lately when I’m working with Lovecraft, it’s either in the mythic pre-history of the book I’m currently writing, or in the outlines of a few other stories set in the late 1920s on the Maine Coast… filling out the north of his “Lovecraft Country” in the era when he wrote and placed many of his tales.


      1. You are right that the basis of Lovecraft’s ideas are ageless. But what I liked about your piece there, was that it captured the one thing that does change in human experience. While we always have had moments of existential angst, we have never been capable of producing so many every day of our lives as we are now. Technology has saved us from all but the final unknowable. And that unknowable now exists in the dots between texts. lol. Great stuff.

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