Flash Fiction: The Sacred Sisters of Catoblepas Abbey

An old blind nun answered the abbey door. “Hello?”

“Hello Sister,” came a man’s voice. “I appear to have had an allergic reaction to the Catoblepas Cheese of your order.”


“I seem to have become some sort of mythic wildebeest with a paralyzing gaze.”


She reached out and found his heavy horns. “Great Mooing Goddess! How much did you eat? A whole wheel?!”

“It was, the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten…”

“You, wouldn’t happen to be… lovelorn, would you?”

“If I wasn’t before,” he huffed, “I certainly am now!”

Her hand patted his cheek. “There, there.”

“Can this be fixed?”

“Let me take you to the head of our order.”

Behind the abbey, she brought him to a secluded pasture. Passing a line of milk pails and other blind nuns that oohed touching his shoulders, he came horn to horn with a most exquisite creature.

She who was formerly the last Catoblepas.

“It is as foretold, M’Lady!” his guide announced. “Behold your Pasture King!”



Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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