Aether Prompt Winner: D. Wallace Peach

The ever awesome D. Wallace Peach of Myths of the Mirror has won the January 23rd Aether Prompt with a haunting little passage about going home…


I couldn’t remember most of the day or when the blizzard started. But I knew my plane home from the war was leaving soon, and I’d be mighty sorry to miss it. My keys weren’t in my pocket, but my papers were—name, address, serial number—tucked there by my children. “Just show them to the officer,” they said.

Still in slippers, my feet ached with cold. I needed my boots, but there wasn’t time now. The airfield lights glowed through the snow, my plane’s props whirling. The old boys greeted me beneath the white wings and flew me home.


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~Jason H. Abbott

7 thoughts on “Aether Prompt Winner: D. Wallace Peach

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  1. When I read something and see thousands of words left unsaid between the lines, I know the story has touched me. This is one. To write a compelling ending for which there is no beginning except in the reader’s imagination takes exceptional talent. Woohoo Diana – well done!!

    … but I’m not surprised 🙂

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    1. What a wonderful comment, Joanne. I’m blushing. That’s one of the things about micro-fiction that I love as a writer and as a reader – that larger story looming out there that’s left to our imaginations. Have a wonderful day, my friend. Stay warm!

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