Flash Fiction: A Weekend to Remember

The old woman counts the $500 in cash the couple had pooled together from their paydays. It would pay her rent.

“It’s just a cheap curse,” the witch said, putting away the last bill.

“We want to experience something extraordinary,” the man of the pair says.

“I’m no Circe… It won’t last the weekend.”

“We’ll keep our minds?” the woman beside him asks. “Remember it all?”

“Oh, Hecate! Yes,” the crone cackles, “You two will even still be able to talk!”

“Then do it,” she nods. “Please.”

“And thank you,” the man adds.

The witch smiles, shaking her head and cracking knuckles before raising her hands. “Well then, pigs it is! HORCUS-PORKUS!”




Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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