Aether Prompt Winner: M. A. Scrawl

M. A. Scrawl of scrawlwriting won the May 8th Aether Prompt with an excellent piece of somber science fiction…


T’illad never wanted this. A simple raid, a chance to show The Patrol that The Resistance could fight.

Yet now his friends were all dead, and he was on a ship sentenced to black doom.

As the blaze of lasers came from the Patrol Ship chasing them, T’illad sighed, making his last words.

“It is always good to hope.”

The Ships occupants silenced their cries and looked to him.

“The Resistance will spark through our actions and WILL impact the next generation. Die with honor, comrades.”

Then a hole burst open in the hull, and they were all silenced forever.


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~Jason H. Abbott

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