It was a busy week and weekend.

Temperatures finally got into the 80s and 90s in my neck of the woods, hot enough to warrant putting in the air conditioners. Unfortunately, one unit died in storage and obtaining and assembling replacements took away from my weeknight writing time. Added to another stressful weekday grind from the day job, and I was already running behind on my Social Medial Setup Weekend come Friday night.

And yet, things came together: I got 70 microfiction vignettes assembled and ready from my works last month. These contributed to the over 200 posts I scheduled across three platforms for the coming month by Sunday. And on Sunday night I collected the next 20 installments of my Night Wings rerun and spent a few hours giving them new editing polish before queuing them up for July/August weeknights on Twitter.

Additionally, on Saturday morning, my wife and I teamed-up and did some heavy lifting to organize an upstairs room into an office of sorts for our small publishing venture. We said goodbye to our old, broken futon, organized the space, and then my wife took over as a tool-girl not to be trifled with! While I got working on authorly stuff in my study across the hall, she built a desk and storage cubes from kits. By Sunday, she had a cute little computer area — something that will serve her much better for sitting and doing typesetting, format and design than her prior accommodations for such activity.

We made additional progress on our publishing plans when I paid the art commission for Angel: A Short Story of the Un-Dead, the first of the nine releases I’m doing leading up to Viv’s debut in June of next year. Cover artist Kate enjoyed reading the tale, even though she confessed that vampires usually aren’t her thing. Apparently, I won her over with its pacing and organic lore that didn’t slow the story down, along with its “strangely cute ending”… Quirky teen heroes are fun. ;-) She’s working on illustration ideas now.

Angel definitely needs editing work. I wrote it almost four years ago and have grown a lot as a writer since then, but at 5,000 words it won’t be an arduous task complete. I’m looking forward to setting aside some time to get to it soon.

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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      1. I’m still on hiatus, Jason. At least for another month as I have to move my parents again. But I’m trying to stay connected and ease back into blogging. I’ll check out your post.

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    1. Well, there is that. But there’s also the matter of having a comfortable place to work and space where you can focus with less distractions. This will be a big improvement from working on the bed or couch.

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