Aether Prompt Winner: James Arthur Eck

James Arthur Eck of Mind Weave won the May June 12th Aether Prompt with some science fiction that’s no stroll in low gravity! Congratulations!

~Jason H. Abbott


Claxon alarms echoed deafeningly in the last intact habitat. Surely the alarms in the other, breached, domes were sounding as well, wailing weakly into the thin atmosphere of the planet. Now that the last safe space was sealed, Major Hillman’s first order of business was to shut down the incessant blaring and get steadied enough to think.

As he reached the console, ending the sound, his skin crawled and black ink seemed to ooze through his brain. Had he really seen that? He looked up again, out the window at a suited figure outside.

He was not yet safe.

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