WIP Snippet: Opening Excerpt from Angel (2019)

Emily’s iPhone chimed, and the glitter of its pink case sparkled under the streetlight as she checked it.

She’s just running late, angel,” she texted back in response. “Something with her cat. Still coming.

The sound of bicycle tires approaching in the night pulled her gaze off the screen, and to the paved road.

“Hey! Em!” a boy in his teens huffed, peddling up the hill.

She watched looping wheel reflectors glide out of the darkness. Seeing his chubby legs in cargo pants and Chuck Taylor high-tops struggling to crest the incline, Emily sighed and gave an eye-roll before he came to a stop beside her.

“Hi Sam,” she said, looking back to her phone on the suburban curbside.

Emily quietly checked her Snapchat as he wheezed catching his breath.

“You alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he answered, red, winded, and gulping cool autumn air. “Are you? I mean, with everything that’s happened—”

“I’m just waiting for a ride,” Emily said, confirming she still had Sam blocked on Snapchat. “I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

Sam nodded, straightening the backpack on his shoulders. Within it clunked the binoculars he’d used to watch her stand there alone for thirty minutes before he rode up.

“Okay. Would you like me to stay until your ride gets here?”

She looked up from her phone. Petite and blonde, the junior’s red skirt and cardigan were a new outfit, one not catalogued in the weeks of pictures Sam had taken of the cheerleader on his own phone now recording their conversation in his pocket.

Available in September!

Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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