WIP Snippet: Excerpt from Angel (2019), Page 3

Melissa glanced at Emily in the passenger seat. “So, who was that guy?”

“Some boy from school,” she answered, typing a text.

“Yeah, I’ve seen him around. He’s kinda cute.”

Emily snorted sending her message. “You need better glasses!”

“Nah, I like the shy ones! Is he your friend?”

“Sam? No!”

“Is he like a stalker creep or something?”

“No,” Emily said, receiving a thumbs-up emoji from Roy. “Not like that. He was just riding by and wanted to know if I was alright.”

Melissa made a turn. “Well, that sounds sweet, then. With that girl maybe kidnapped and stuff.”

“Or he’s just using it as an excuse.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Melissa shrugged in the one-size-too-large brown motorcycle jacket she wore. “You should have seen my dad’s face after moving us all the way up here to escape big city dangers, and that happens on my first day at the new school.”

Emily’s phone slumped in her grip. “It’s awful. We were going to hang-out the night she disappeared. I keep wondering if I’d showed up earlier, if maybe…”

Emily shook her head. “I don’t want to think about it. It gives me nightmares.”

The car fell silent aside from its rattles as they accelerated onto a rural road.

Available in September!

Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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