It Feels Really “Legit” Now, Guys

Much was accomplished and did occur over the long holiday weekend!

I received the eighth draft of Angel back from my longtime collaborator Caroline, who loved it. She can be a very thorough beta that verges on being an editor, but she found very little in the draft that needed tweaking in her opinion. Between her trusted input and my own instincts, I decided thereafter that Angel was finished with the beta reading phase, and ready to prepare for publication.

A round of minor edits created a ninth draft based off Caroline’s feedback in an hour, and I handed it to my wife Kim. She gave it two reads and rounds of copyediting over two days, and after a few more minor edits and cleanup from me, we had a tenth and final draft. Well, final unless Kim finds some wormy little mistake somewhere while coding it with her capable hands into eBook and print versions.

Yes, a print version! The story had grown to a novelette size of 8,000 words which makes a print version a viable option, so we’re going for it! We’re even commissioning a few interior illustrations from Kate that will be exclusive features of the printed book.

But wait, there’s more! If going into the end production stage of Angel wasn’t exciting enough, all this other stuff happened:

  • We launched the website for our indie publishing business, Blue Boar Press! Kim poured a lot of work into it, and it looks great. :-)
  • Not only that, it’s like, a real business now with a PO Box and a phone number on what I’ve nicknamed “The Boar-Phone”… yes, I’ve made it squeal when you call it. There’s also associated accounts, a PayPal, and more. It feels really “legit” now, guys.
  • Along with being an indie publisher, comes paying B.S. expenses like almost $600 for a block of 100 ISBNs. In Canada they’re free, but not in the good-old US-of-A where one company holds a monopoly! 10 for $300 were too few, and given the remaining options were two sets of 10 for $600 or a block of 100 for also $600, the choice was obvious. But still, ouch.
  • I got the opening chapter of my YA superhero novelette, Cretaceous Queen into the first draft of a 2019 version. It’s got action, thrills, dinosaurs, alien robots and a magical girl if anyone is interested. I’m looking for betas and to release it in January.
  • I also got my short story Harvest into a 2019 version, and then into a second draft. This tale is going over well with everyone who reads it, and it will be released in October. It’s a Halloween story for certain that starts a little scary, but then transitions into a lot more humor and heart than horror. Overall, it’s whimsical and eccentric fantasy in the dark. I received very positive feedback on it Tuesday from its second beta, Meiling Colorado, and I’ll be looking for more readers after I’ve got it to a third draft, again if anyone is interested, drop a comment.
  • Finally, the upcoming weekend is my social media setup for the month, so I’ve been doing prep-work for that. I’m really pleased with how my new strategies and processes continue to keep things moving along so much better than before. I’m also hopeful that I’ll repeat last month’s feat of getting it all done on Saturday again.

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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  1. Congratulations. Ever since I found out that you have to buy ISBNs in the US, I’ve been grateful I can get them for free in Canada. There is a lot to complain about anywhere you live, but for this one niche thing, Canada did it right. All you have to do is fill out a needlessly complicated form on a convoluted website.

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