Clearing the Table

Compared to last week’s update that was jam-packed with goings-on, today’s might seem rather sedate.

I got my social media setup completed for the next 28-day cycle all on Saturday, repeating last month’s feat of getting it all done in one day with the help of being proactive about getting stuff ready on the weeknights prior. 205 posts— 80% of them original content— all locked, loaded and ready to go across three platforms.

This left me an open Sunday to do with as I pleased. Rather than work on beta reader feedback and edits, I chose to get an extra leg-up on small projects for September/October instead. There’s still a lot to do for Angel to be ready for release at month’s end, and we’ll need to get a jump on getting Harvest produced and out only a couple of weeks later. With that in mind, I set aside the day to clear the table of little stuff so I can readily focus on bigger goals until early October.

I took a few hours Sunday morning organizing and editing my Night Wings Twitter rerun episodes, then scheduled them to run weeknights until October 4th. With that done, I wrote three new very short stories based off prior, shorter microfictions that I’d done late last year or early this year that I thought could be better expressed in a slightly longer format.

The completed trio of His Mother’s Son, Blooms, and Neither Death nor Gods Shall Stop Me were chosen because they can also double as special, weekly Halloween treat features next month here and elsewhere. However, they’ll each get their premieres on my Twitter as weekday morning “Five Tweet Tales” throughout September. Son started it’s run there Monday, and it’s being received pretty well thus far.

Now I’ve gotten back to working beta feedback and edits since Monday.

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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