New Books, Old Stories, and Moving Forward

We were surprised to get the print copies of Harvest before Angel, but they were itty-bitty beautiful and totes adorbs!

Seeing your story in print for the first time is truly magical, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!

Our copies of Angel should arrive later today. We placed the order for those before the Harvest batch, but spent just a little extra on processing and shipping to ensure that we had the Harvest books by the 27th for my book signing and reading, where a full reading of Harvest is at the heart of the event. I guess that expedited things a lot more than expected!

Aside from that excitement, the last week has been about laying plans and getting back to work. I spent half of my weekend finishing my pre-planned social media for the next three weeks that got pushed-out because of the book launches. Then I got a leg-up on the next social media cycle with some hefty prep-work for that, as I anticipate things being a little hectic and tight-scheduled after devoting a Sunday to the author event.

However, this Sunday my focus was to begin revising my four chapter fantasy drama novella A Contract in Azure and Indigo for a December release.

Azure is the story that told me on an emotional are tangible level that I had what it takes to be a writer. The original was written in 2014 for a challenge contest. I rewrote 95% of it in 2016, while keeping the story very much the same. And now it’s going to get a third version. This time though, I doubt it will get reworked nearly as much given how things are going with my edits to chapter one.

This is the story that showed me I had the proficiency to tell a good tale that could hold people’s attention, raise their suspense, draw a tear, get a good laugh, and leave them excited at the ending. I wasn’t just pretending and wanting to be a writer anymore. After it, I could actually write something that stirred emotions.

Azure also slapped me in the face with the fact that I had far more range as a writer and storyteller than I’d given myself credit for. Prior to writing Azure, I’d stuck close to writing fantasy and science fiction, action-adventure fare. But with this story, I wrote suspense and drama, and of magic tinged with fear of the unknown. I wrote romance and a little comedy. I wrote a climactic twist and a fulfilling ending, and I did it all without a violent scene in the story.

It got me thinking in whole new directions. I wouldn’t have stepped down any of the paths I’ve taken since without it.

For all of the above, A Contract in Azure and Indigo is special to me. Sharing it as one of my short works was never in question.

In addition to working on Azure this weekend, I also took time to revise my release schedule based on concerns about not giving myself enough time to finish work on Vivian’s Last Cigarette so I can get that novel out in June. As a result, I’ve cut two pieces from the release schedule: Cretaceous Queen and Out to Pasture. Both of these are good stories, but they also require a lot of revision, editing and/or expansion to stand alone competently and attain my current standards. While that’s something I want to do, it requires more time than I can afford to devote to them right now.

That leaves five pieces coming out ahead of Viv’s June 2020 release:

  • December 2019: A Contract in Azure and Indigo
  • February 2020: Tears of the Joyous Mare
  • March 2020: The Brynesmark
  • April 2020: The Old Man of the Elder Trees
  • May2020: The Unicorn Hunters

My plan is to get all the editing and/or revision work done on these five well ahead of the 2020 releases, so I can have months to work on Viv’s. It also gives Kim lots of buffer time to assemble the print and eBooks versions with care.

Lots to do, but I’m working on it all with a smile!

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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