A Happy Halloween

The past two weeks have been exhausting.

The day job has weighed heavy on me thanks to an alignment of issues, and after work my evenings were frequently disrupted by other events that limited my weeknight writing. Even my weekends were partially interrupted, but this time mostly by happy errands like shipping out signed copies of my books and getting ready for my first author signing and reading.

And on October 27th, my author event happened… and went well!

I put together a seasonal and eccentric look for the gig, and everyone who attended loved it. I’m not particularly shy, and loud outfits have been one of my hallmarks since forever, so this was a natural fit. Likewise, public speaking is something I’ve done for decades and doesn’t bother me much either, but despite that I was still a little nervous because this was my first time reading my own work.

Yet it all turned out great: It was a small gathering, but friends were seen and books were sold! The weather was cold, with miserable downpours which may have hurt attendance. But when I read my story, they dimmed the lights amid a dark and pounding October rainstorm and the atmosphere was perfect.

It was a magical day, and only a taste of so much more to come. :-)

My next author event will occur on December 7th at the Nor’Geekster… “Maine’s First and Only Geek Themed Craft Fair of Awesome!” This is a big event for geeks in my neck of the woods, with over fifty other local vendors including a handful of authors. A good representation of my target audience could be there looking to shop, so it’s definitely an opportunity I want to partake in. It should be fun!

December 7th will also be the launch date for my next story to be published, A Contract in Azure and Indigo. With brand new, hot-off-the-press copies on hand for the first time anywhere… I plan to make the Nor’Geekster an even more special day. ;-)

Oh, and we’ve already started designing some custom “loud and classy” jackets for me to wear at the Geekster and future signings. You’ve got to stand out, and if looking like Dumbledore Liberace lets me have fun being outrageous and sell more books, I’m all for it!

Now that all my October excitement is done, I’m looking forward to a November focused on getting more stories ready to print and practicing my craft. I’ve been preparing my social media stuff for next month in-between everything else the last two weeks, and was able to buckle down and get a first draft of A Contract in Azure and Indigo’s revised first chapter done. That leaves three more to get ready for its beta cycle.

Speaking of beta readers, I could really use a few for Azure, as I’m having issues lining anybody up. If a quasi-European medievalesque fantasy drama that delivers suspense, romance and humor without a single sword fight might interest you, I’d be happy to take you on as a reader.

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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    1. Thank you, Ben. :-) It’s true that public stuff and “performance” don’t bother me, but the it’s still a new thing to learn. As you say, now that I’ve started they’ll only get better!

      All of that stuff did certainly knock my writing schedule out of wack, I’m only now getting caught up!

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