Throwback Thursday: ‘Barbarian’, by Daniel R. Horne (1988)

This fantastic piece by Daniel R. Horne graced the cover of Dragon Magazine 133, released in May of 1988. I’ve loved the classic sword and sorcery feel of Horne’s work here since retrieving that issue from my old mailbox and removing the brown paper wrapper it was shipped in. I became a fan of Conan... Continue Reading →


Throwback Thursday: Godzilla vs. Biollante, by Noriyoshi Ohrai (1989)

Noriyoshi Ohrai (1935-2015) was a Japanese illustrator best known for his popular movie posters crafted for films such as The Goonies and The Empire Strikes Back. Among the posters he created, he crafted all of the Japanese theatrical posters for the seven Godzilla films collectively known as the Heisei period. Released between 1984 and 1995,... Continue Reading →

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