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The Sword And The Sorcerer is b-grade film-making at its finest. It scared the heck out of me as a little kid when my brother rented it on LaserDisc or Betamax around 1983 or so. But the sheer coolness of a THREE BLADED SWORD THAT CAN SHOOT TWO OF ITS BLADES enchanted my nine-year old brain. I just couldn’t stop watching! It also had a hidden spare dagger in the hilt… or at least it did when I pretended to have one on the playground. I made sure to point this out every time I described it. ;-)

Yes, it’s a ridiculous weapon. But the rule of cool overrides that when you’re not even ten.

Also, this isn’t a kids movie and definitely deserved the “R” rating it had. Blood, gore, sex, monsters… Oh my mom would have killed my older brother! Good thing for him she never found out. With all those nightmares I had afterwards and constantly talking about that triple bladed sword, it’s a bit of a miracle that she didn’t.

This was a low-budget film, made on four million dollars. Widely panned by critics upon release, The Sword And The Sorcerer nonetheless raked in almost forty million at the box office to become the best preforming independent film of 1982. Today it enjoys a cult-film status, and dang-it… I still want a three-bladed sword that shoots swords!