New Fiction! “The Visitor” is up on Aethereal Engines!

I posted some new fiction today on Aethereal Engines and I’m reblogging it here! I’m still in the middle of working and revising my Unsundered novella-novel, but I was inspired earlier this week to create a short story called “The Visitor” for a writers challenge. It’s a standalone short fantasy story and a quick read if you want to check it out.

I wrote and edited its 1,500 words from scratch to final draft in just two days. I was really surprised not only with my speed in creating it but also with the quality of the end result. I think it showcases some refinement of my writing skills compared to my earlier work in the spring. It also features a character I created over ten years ago, Mankyn Greyspirit, who has been biding his time patiently outlasting the depression of years in my mind. It felt really good to breath life into him again!


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