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I’m still revising, editing, cutting and moving things about this week on The Lost Tomb of Omo! This type of work is hard to quantify in word count and I don’t have the desire or time to setup some methodology to track and relay it. So you’ll just need to trust me when I say, “I’m working on it” … with lots of late evenings after work that stretch into early mornings. ;-)

My recent discovery that “Omo” is the name of a rather popular detergent overseas got me thinking about if I want to change the title of this story. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for about a month before learning this.

Originally, my thought was to keep the name of Omo in the story and just change the title. After the good belly laugh I had with the detergent thing however, I decided to reassess the name. I don’t want to use a name or word that will be an undue distraction within my story and most certainly not in the title. If my story was called the “The Lost Tomb of Toyota I think a lot of people might think I’m writing humor instead of imaginative fiction! Even within the prose of the story, every time I mention king Toyota, the reader’s thoughts will inevitable drift to automotive vehicles and away from my story on one level or another. I really want to avoid that if I can.

The name also hasn’t gotten a lot of love when I ask others for their opinion of it. One of my alpha readers thinks that it sounds good, but “cute”, which isn’t what I’m going for. Several others have said that the name and the title sounds “young” and that Omo has an Egyptian feel to it. The fact that it brings up an image of ancient Egypt actually makes me smile however, as an inspiration for the name was “Osiris”. Even though my long dead king’s culture was dissimilar from the age of the pharaohs, I wanted the feel of the name to be the same, so in a way I’m happy that echoes through somehow.


It has also been said that The Lost Tomb of Omo sounds more like a subtitle that a main title. That fits in with my concerns of late that that the title might sound rather dull. Those concerns lead me to consider changing the title to Unsundered, it’s shorter and I think packs more pop and interest than The Lost Tomb of Omo The reaction to it has generally been more positive and it also speaks to something that is going to be a major plot point in the story; a mythological event called “The Sundering” that ended a dreamlike age of elder creation. It left in its wake an imperfect world much like our own, but a few very rare things and beings avoided that fate. These are “Unsundered” or have a touch of that quality, which grants them varying degrees and types of powers in the “Sundered” world.

Some have said that Unsundered might also be a good choice because it currently isn’t branded to anything fictional at the moment and doesn’t rely on a “fantasy name” as a hook. It’s also short enough that it can be paired with a subtitle and work as well, for example: Unsundered: The Lost Tomb of Omo. So for those reasons I’m giving a new title a lot of consideration.

As far as the fate of the name of “Omo” is concerned; I’m toying with changing the name to Omnus. I like how it sounds: “Ohm – Nuss”. And it seems to fit and feel better with the Thracian inspired culture that was his kingdom a millennia before the start of my tale. Unsundered: The Tomb of Omnus has a certain ring in my ear!

Have a good weekend everyone! Keep Writing!