Even One Word is Greater Than None.

There wasn’t an update last week as I didn’t have much to report. I kept my weekly microfiction on schedule, but disrupted sleep across a chain of nights lost several days to tiredness. After getting the other side of that I made a little progress on worldbuilding with the Burus Mapping Project, with most of... Continue Reading →

Piecing Together a Constructed World

Another decent week. On the writing front, I’m keeping up on my microfiction, but I spent a lot more time worldbuilding and moving the Burus Mapping Project forward. Home improvement activities continued receiving needed attention as well, the kitchen being our focus this weekend. The rest of this upcoming week has lots to keep me... Continue Reading →

Quaint in a Bizarre Way

It’s been a decent week. I’ve been active, there has been no chaos or drama, and I’m getting things done. I continue to feel better and have more energy as I get my diabetes under control with the new regimen of insulin. My blood sugars are still far from normal, but they’re headed in that... Continue Reading →

Fresh Approaches to Old Problems

December 23rd, 2020: It’s been a week of putting things in order and trying fresh approaches to old problems. In coordination with my wife, I’ve rearranged the household schedule to accommodate my writing with fewer distractions. Primarily this involves clearing weekdays for heavy drafting and editing by transforming our weekends into shared days for chores... Continue Reading →

Shifting Gears

December 16th, 2020: This week didn’t beat me down or come with negative surprises, and that’s a welcome gift after the last few. The calm allowed a return to shifting my writing gears towards finishing and publishing novels and novelettes in the coming year. In support of that goal, I made a major decision over... Continue Reading →

Watch Out For That…

December 9th, 2020: It was a weird week with stretches that were fairly nerve-wracking. Things started with an ear infection that pained me for several days. Then I was notified via snail mail that new funding had become available for pandemic unemployment. While that’s a great thing, the government keeps changing its story almost daily:... Continue Reading →

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