Quaint in a Bizarre Way

It’s been a decent week. I’ve been active, there has been no chaos or drama, and I’m getting things done.

I continue to feel better and have more energy as I get my diabetes under control with the new regimen of insulin. My blood sugars are still far from normal, but they’re headed in that direction as we adjust the dosage in small increments. Writing-wise, I used this improved focus to get caught up on my microfiction posting buffer that had gotten slack over the past two weeks. I also composed and posed my first author update on since my Dad died, and my usual #SciFanSat compilation post on Sunday morning.

In between other activities, I thought through some story issues I’m having writing Tears of the Joyous Mare and A Contract in Azure and Indigo. I found some solutions and concepts I’ll explore further. Azure may get some more revisions/additions, but not to anything already written. Tears is shaping up well as I flesh out the story’s newly added antagonists.

However, as I mentioned last week, I’ve made getting my home in order a priority while we attend to my late father’s estate. My wife and I formulated plans and ordered materials to address long-standing issues in our old house, then tackled our problematic bedroom as the first weekend project. Like most hundred-year-old residences, our house was built without closets. Those added in later years are quaint in a bizarre way, but inadequate. This has led to a severe lack of clothing storage in the bedroom that brings my wife to tears of frustration. So we began an old school solution after a thorough clean and organization by allocating more storage furniture there.

This weekend will have us working on more home improvements, but in the interim I’m eager to get back to work on my Burus Mapping Project with Wonderdraft. We discovered you can import assets into the program, so I created hand-drawn map objects like mountains and forests to put an indelible aspect of myself into the art. I may even craft handwritten letters that my typographist wife can convert into a usable font for the map.

Take care, everyone. Be safe and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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