Here be Sketchy Details… and That’s a Good Thing

It has been a busy week with much accomplished. We got our publishing business and personal taxes together and done. We had our first dose of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on Friday and didn’t have any unpleasant reactions beyond what you’d expect from a flu shot: Sore arms and fatigue for about 48 hours. We were well enough to do our normal Saturday chores, and Sunday my wife and I returned to home improvement work on the bedroom most of the day. In addition, I rescued my Edvard Munch and Maxfield Parrish art prints from five years in the basement. After cleaning grime off glass and frames, I’m pleased to find them as good as ever.

Writing occupied the periphery given the above, and my interest in keeping the Burus Mapping Project moving forward. I found some time over a couple afternoons to add in most of the remaining hill chains and mountains, then started on the rivers:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the worldbuilding as I unify my written notes into the map. The southern coasts and the eastern corner of the map possessed sketchy details until now, but that vagueness has been a net-positive. For example, the peninsula and gulf in the northeast corner is where the events of my story Ice & Ash take place. I didn’t start writing that tale with any larger setting in mind for it. But as Ice & Ash grew into a bigger thing, I folded it into Burus. Sketchy areas on the map made incorporating this easy.

With a less complicated week ahead of me compared to last, I’m looking forward to making greater strides on the project.

Take care, everyone. Be safe and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott.

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