Even One Word is Greater Than None.

There wasn’t an update last week as I didn’t have much to report. I kept my weekly microfiction on schedule, but disrupted sleep across a chain of nights lost several days to tiredness. After getting the other side of that I made a little progress on worldbuilding with the Burus Mapping Project, with most of my time sorting through the technical nuts-and-bolts of the WonderDraft program. In the end I got it to do what I wanted after much trial and error, but then was out of time to do the actual crafting.

Home improvement work for the weekend then took precedence. Some weeks you need to be content with whatever is written between problems on a full plate. Even one word is greater than none.

This week was more productive writing wise. I got more worldbuilding done on the Burus Mapping Project while again keeping my microfiction on schedule with edits and two new pieces. Administrative stuff for the r/Fantasywriters subreddit I help in moderating required my time as well. I wrote and floated out an announcement for a new feature, and composed a short essay I shared on its inaugural post that I also shared on the blog Monday.

I also had several long calls with my family as we settled on a date of August 7th for our father’s memorial. That’s a few weeks further out than our initial July target. So I’ll need to get some editing and production work done on The Forever Halloween while attending to Dad’s estate to meet the novelette’s fall release date. However, the added time decompresses my schedule a bit, so I’m not too worried about it at this point.

The family has also asked me to write and give a speech of recollections about Dad with my usual humorous twists. They didn’t need to ask, I’d already been sketching one out. Parental relationships have complex layers and thinking about the good times for a while, instead of the times you regret, helps frame your feelings looking back. The activity has brought me some closure.

It felt good to get some writing done this week, even if a lot of it wasn’t fiction. With the subreddit projects wrapped up, my plan is to devote more time to the Burus worldbuilding. I want to get that closer to completion ahead of another weekend of home improvement.

Take care, everyone. Be safe and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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