Engineer’s Log: Solace, Renewal and Comic Books

Given that my focus was on helping a friend deal with the sudden death of a parent this week, I was happy with whatever renewal my writing could provide or progress I could make with it. With that in mind, I got a lot done considering the circumstances: I finished reworking the fifth and sixth chapters of Osrydian’s Tomb into a new chapter four and was pleased with the result. I then started on a significant rewrite of chapter one yesterday, incorporating revised ideas from where the story has evolved elsewhere and later in the book. I’m excited and nervous to see how this new starting chapter will turn out.

After processing a lot of heavy emotion throughout the week, I took a break from everything and went to a local comic book convention to clear my head. It was almost a spur of the moment decision, but I wouldn’t regret it.

My top priority while I was there was to meet Molly Brewer in person for the first time. She is a talented artist that I’ve been working with since the summer on commissioned artwork for Unsundered. It was a very productive talk and made me confident that I had found a good match to work with professionally and creatively on this aspect of the project. I don’t want to say too much yet, but I’ll be sharing the results of our collaboration as they come to light, so stay tuned!

I also got to meet Joe Haley and T.J. Dort, the creators of the Underburbs (see picture), a wonderfully funny independent comic I’ve liked for years. I had no idea they would be there and it was a great surprise to have a chance to talk with them and show my support by buying (and enjoying) some of their trade paperback comics which they were kind enough to sign.

The Underburbs is a great comic by Joe Haley and T.J. Dort!
The Underburbs is a great comic by Joe Haley and T.J. Dort!

They are both really nice guys and the Underburbs is a great story that needs more exposure. If you like fun art, gentle humor and monsters you should check it out!

Then I rambled almost by accident into Eisner Award winning Adventure Time comic book artist Braden Lamb! He was a seriously cool dude, and we talked about the Muppets and more. I bought a trade paperback from him as well and he not only signed it, but volunteered a sketch of Marceline from Adventure Time and a dedication inside the cover for my wife as well. That was a class-act thing to do as a gift, and something that probably more than quadrupled the value of the book instantly… Not that I’ll be parting with it! :-)

ADVENTURE TIME and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Cartoon Network.
ADVENTURE TIME and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Cartoon Network.

In the end, I was really glad to have gone. It lifted my spirits and it was refreshing to speak not only with someone that I plan to be working with directly on my own creative endeavor, but also with the creators of things that I simply enjoy myself as a fan. Meeting them, and seeing all the quirks and challenges we all have and face together, gives me hope that what I create will have meaning to others as well!

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