New Fiction: Out to Pasture, Part One

New story! I’ve only been talking about Out to Pasture and working on it since February, so it’s high time that I finally got that story released so that you can read it! I posted the first part of it on Aethereal Engines Saturday. It’s 8,500 words long in total, so I divided the story into three parts for ease of reading. The next two sections will to be posted over the coming weekends and I’m surprised how well the story works taken as three acts.

What is Out to Pasture about? Well, if you’ve missed my prior synopses, Out to Pasture is a short fantasy story that is part of my story universe of Burusian Tales. It’s a humorous story of heroes lost and found. Here’s the blurb:

Erden had listened to the rumors and tales of the local heroes’ exploits knowing that he would never want to get involved in them himself. The old dairyman had enough problems of his own around Hilltop House after the hard winter and loss of his contract with the cheesemaker to see concerns like monsters and undying lords added to his troubles. Yet on a spring day where all he wants to do is mend his broken fence, the Briar Fellowship has come to the farm looking for his help…

Out to Pasture ReaderI invite you to check the story out if it sounds interesting to you, and I hope you enjoy it!


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