WIP-it Wednesday: July 1st, 2015


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

Hey there, true-believers! I’ve got a new story ready for your enjoyment over at Aethereal Engines called Rumble at the Red Rock Tavern. :-) It’s a one thousand-word flash fiction that I wrote for a writer’s challenge going on this week. The story is probably best described as urban fantasy and it’s a sassy, zippy thing. Here’s the banner and a couple paragraphs…


It was a crowded and busy Friday at the Red Rock. The Bruins were in the finals, and all the flat-screens were playing the hockey game over the din of conversation, eating and drinking. In particular, the tavern was crawling with Boston University proto-yuppies as Joe worked his way towards the door.

His gaze was drawn to a young Asian woman across the room in high heels and a skinny one-piece dress, both in red. She looked up from her smartphone screen and although their eyes met for only a second, Joe saw her distress before a BU student in a fraternity jacket swaggered between them.

If you take a look, I hope you like it and let me know if you did… I might expand the story or write more with the characters if folks want more!

In other news, PortCon wrapped up on Sunday and I had a good four days at the convention. I partook in some enjoyable RPG games and got to support and network with local writers and artists. I may have found a local animal-anthro artist to craft some artwork for my Exerverse stories, and I was invited to join an established local fantasy-sci-fi podcast as a commentator.

Next year, I’m considering volunteering a few days to gamemaster a few RPG sessions and write up some homebrew scenarios in line with the theme of next year’s convention: Sportsball. Er… yes, Sportsball. I’ve actually got two good ideas… I think: One is a gladiatorial-style competition in a dystopian future, where teams of “criminals” are pitted against one another à la The Running Man or The Hunger Games. The other is a simple update to the 1984 TOON! RPG adventure, The Cartoon Olympics… It’s such a simple, wacky, and fun game that I think it could really work in the convention setting!

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t able to get much in the way of additional writing done because of PortCon and getting caught-up and back into the normal rhythm of life afterwards. But I’m happy with getting Rumble at the Red Rock Tavern done before the convention. I think that the rest of today and Thursday-Friday will afford me some time to write before a busy Independence Day weekend and I’m looking forward to it. That way I can participate in a cookout and NERF-gun battle royal with friends on Saturday before the long drive to hug my dad and brother on Sunday with little guilt about not doing a lot of writing.

And having said that, it’s time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some fiction! Take care!


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