WIP-it Wednesday: July 22nd, 2015


Hey! Check it out! I was the first guest ever on the 3.5 Geeks​ podcast!

In that game of Hackmaster with Nathan, I also won this solid steel, Ping-Pong ball sized 20 sider for “most epic death”… This die could literally give a critical hit with a good toss!

That’s right! I am deeply honored to have been the first guest on the 3.5 Geeks​ podcast! I got to meet producers and hosts Nathan Towns, Matthew Bishop and Kimber McLeod last month at PortCon. Nathan was running a game of Hackmaster, and while we waited for more players to arrive we had a great conversation. Regular visitors to my blog have probably noticed that I’m well versed in geeky lore and passionate about writing. Nathan thought those traits would make me a good guest and invited me to the show.

I’m really glad to have been invited to the podcast, and had an incredibly fun time talking about writing, the creative process and superheroes! From their mission statement, 3.5 Geeks is “a podcast dedicated to geekery of all stripes and seasons, flourishing in the renaissance of superhero-based movies and television, discussing comics and video games and animation in equal quantity” that also includes “passionate discussions about equality and compassion to your fellow geeks and other human beings.” If you would like to learn more about 3.5 Geeks and their podcasts, here are links to their Website and Facebook pages.

Nathan and Matthew ran a great show in Kimber’s absence, and I’ve been invited to return for more recordings in the future. I will surely take them up on that offer! :-) In this podcast, I’m mostly speaking between the ten minute mark and the end of the first hour, but I am present and chiming in on subjects’ geek for the whole show. Here is another embedded player for the episode in case you missed the one up top ;-) :

Okay, now it’s time for my weekly writer’s roundup of works-in-progress and those ready to read!

I’ve gotten a thousand words into a new chapter for the Raid on the Château de la Malartrie and I’m really looking forward to getting more done on it. Writing and planning out the action sequences for the story has been loads of fun so far, and even though it’s far from finished I’m excited with the direction it is going in!

After the rough patch I’ve been through the last three weeks, the latest writer’s challenge on the Reddit fantasy writer’s group I enjoy offered an excellent opportunity to get back into gear. Last month’s challenge of writing a “Tavern Brawl” resulted in my flash fiction Rumble at the Red Rock Tavern that I now have up on Aethereal Engines.

The challenge this month is “Buffy the Trope Slayer” and the prompt reads in part as follows:

…Vampires can be done well, and this month we want to challenge you to make that happen! There are three requirements of your submissions to this month’s contest:

1. There must be vampires of some type.

2. There must be some type of romantic element.

3. Something (please, oh please, not the vampires) must sparkle.

The announcement of a vampire themed prompt was quite fortuitous for me because I’ve been doing research on them for Raid on the Château de la Malartrie. The reading I’ve done to flesh out a certain Hungarian countess in that story had already sparked several unrelated vampiric ideas in the back of my imagination; therefore I’ve hit the ground running on this challenge!

On Sunday, the weather was perfect for starting this new tale as a rainy day gave way to a lightning storm. As of today I’m about fifteen hundred words into it, and the story already meets the prompt requirements of vampires, a romantic element, and… sparkles. :-| In honor of the prompt name, I also added high-school teens and a cheerleader to the mix as well… Oh boy. ;-)

The challenge starts on the 27th, and I think it will turn out better than the sum of its parts. Regardless and at the very least, it will be a better love story than Twilight! ;-)

Down for the Count...
Down for the Count…

And on that note, it’s time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some fiction! Take care!


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