WIP-it Wednesday: September 23rd, 2015… Moving the Castle


After almost a month of hard work and no days off, the new house is almost ready for habitation. It’s not finished and will need more work after we move in, but by this weekend it will be ready to receive us as we move in on Sunday. Then we can start living in the new Castle. :-)

Last week, I was hopeful that I could finish my latest story for Talk Like a Pirate Day on Saturday, even with all the stuff still going on with the new house. However I got thrown off my game plan…

At work on Thursday I was told that within six months they will be outsourcing my job and cutting about half of my department globally, including many veterans with much more tenure than I. There will be no more place for me at the company, even though I have done an excellent job since I started over four years ago. My managers were teary-eyed and my co-workers shaken; they don’t want to lose me, but this layoff is being conducted from the top-down and with all the subtlety and selectivity of a shotgun blast.

Until I find new work or the final day comes, I’ll be involved in training those that will replace me. The day of the news they gave me the rest of the day off, paid, to process things… and I spent it cleaning and painting the house I purchased not yet four weeks ago.

Although I’m not happy to be leaving the friends I have at my work, and I think it is a bad move for the company, I’m rolling with the punches and not holding any grudges. In today’s corporate environment, I’m grateful that they have given me a six month heads-up instead of simply handing me a box of my personal desk contents and telling me to get the hell out with no warning.

Despite all that, I’ll get my buccaneering story written yet! Right now my focus is all on the move, and then I will be dusting off the résumé and start a looking for new work to transition to before my current job ends in March of next year. But never fear, my writing will continue… now more than ever I might need a little extra money from some published fiction!

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