WIP-it Wednesday: October 7th, 2015

I’m still working on the new house, but I’ve had the luxury of a few spare moments to write now that I have my desk and internet setup. There’s still a ton of packed and half-filled boxes about, and this weekend will be focused on getting a new kitchen sink that doesn’t leak like the Titanic installed, but being able to sit and write at home is a welcome first step towards normality.

Progress is slowly being made. The washer-dryer has been reassembled and returned to function. Clean clothes are a godsend… even if the rest of the bathroom is still an ill-lit a jumble of boxes with a window that grants anyone on the entrance deck a wonderful view of you sitting on the toilet. Plus there is the fact that its door won’t latch properly and that the cats have now learned to exploit that fact…

However, at long last the kitchen cabinetry has been reassembled after cleaning and painting, allowing us to put away a bunch of items while crafting a functional space for food preparation. So huzzah for that!

Finally, a liberal application of hardening foam has sealed a great many holes in the interior of the house that were being used by, uh,… I don’t know exactly. Squirrels? Chipmunks? Mice? It might have even been Brown Jenkin himself noisily scampering through the walls and floors. Either way, they were loud and didn’t like it when I blocked-up their thoroughfares one bit! Now the house is much quieter as they seem to have moved on. Having two cats has helped turn the tide of this fight as well. Good job boys, particularly to my old mouser Nomti, who is at least partly blind and nearing 16 years old… He’s still got it!

07OCT15So, all in all, we’re meeting goals and reaching objectives. Not as fast as I would like, but I can at least sense a change in the air as I start to have a little more time to write again. Everyone in the household is either exhausted, hurting or both from the month-long effort to make the house habitable. We’ve succeeded in that, but there is still so much to do… We’re seriously going to need a month of relaxing after this is all over to recover!

And when that day comes… I’ll be writing! Take care!

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